Production and Facility

From the beginning of 2018 we have transformed an old storage warehouse to a state of the art fruit and vegetable preparation centre with an automated production line and purpose-built facilities.

Our production line includes a batch industrial peeler capable of handling 50 kilos of spuds per load, an auto-dosing dipper system to protect the quality of the product, an electrical waste compactor and stainless-steel slicer, shredder, dicer, and chipper, as well as an automated baton making unit complete with de-slithering machine. All equipment and components are made using easy-to-clean, food-grade materials to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Our production area is purposely built for wet operations with resin-coated, water-proof floor and dedicated fast-flow drainage system. Starch and waste peel are drained and pressed through an electrical centrifuge waste compactor and turned into a dry cake material with an average moisture content of less than 40% which can then be sold to other processers specializing in starch refining or as animal feed.

We can produce 1,000 kilos of potatoes per hour and over 200 different ready-to-use prepared fruit and veg lines to help busy chefs save time and money in the kitchen without compromising on quality and freshness.

We can also produce customised products based on customer needs. Please contact our Caterite sales team for more details and who will happily discuss your requests.