Ingredients & Sourcing


We try to source our ingredients from local growers or at least UK suppliers as much as possible to reduce the time products spend in transit thus reducing food miles and carbon footprint. We also try to source directly from growers and exporters whenever we can to minimise the involvement of middlemen. This gives us maximum control over product quality and keeps us competitive on pricing, so our customers can enjoy quality seasonal products at best value.


We source all our potatoes through a local agent who has over 50 years’ experience of working closely with the best potato growers in the Lincolnshire area where he has built an extensive supply network.

Our agent understands our requirements for premium products and always provides us the best crops wherever possible.

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We source our carrots from local Lancashire growers around April/May, after which we have to look further afield to Scotland to fill the gap before moving onto European supply. 

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We buy large Spanish onions of size 1s and 2s for most of the year and occasionally source from Chile to fill the cap in between seasonal changes.

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